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Cis-Dniestria looking forward to a referendum on its status

All spadework necessary for holding a referendum on the status of the Cis-Dniestrian Moldavian Republic has been completed, announced the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) today.

The head of the CEC, Peter Denisenko, said that the referendum, slated for September 17, "will be decisive for the destiny of the republic". He qualified the situation in the republic on the eve of the referendum as "auspicious".

According to P. Denisenko, the CEC has completed all logistical support work, seminars and briefing of electoral commission members, and checked the ballot lists. "Today an International Press Center (IPC) will be opened in Tyraspol, where world media outlets will be able to get the latest information on the run of the referendum and its return figures. All information from territorial electoral commissions will converge on the CEC and the IPC. All territorial electoral commissions will be provided with means of transportation. Also, their chairmen have been authorized to hire any means of transportation, if necessary. What is important is the future of Cis-Dniestria, not the cost of a liter of gasoline, often alluded to by electoral commission members to cover up their inaction", emphasized P. Denisenko.

Special attention will be paid to assuring the people's safety during the referendum. The head of the CEC noted: "There will be not one single superfluous object on territory of polling stations – boxes, lockers or other unauthorized objects – only tables, polling booths and ballot-boxes. Instructions have been issued that in case of a suspicious object being spotted on territory of a polling stations, nothing must be touched, the area will be cordoned off and experts assigned to each station will come immediately and take charge of the situation. Assigned to each polling station will also be 1-2 officers of the State Security Ministry, Interior Ministry and Cossacks in civilian clothes ready to provide assistance, if needed".

The two questions put up for the referendum, scheduled to be held in Cis-Dniestria next Sunday, are as follows:

1. Do you support the course toward Cis-Dniestrian Moldavian Republic's independence and subsequently Cis-Dniestria freely joining the Russian Federation?

2. Do you deem possible to give up Cis-Dniestrian Moldavian Republic's independence and subsequently Cis-Dniestria joining the Republic of Moldova?
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