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Roundtable on SCO: Toward a New-Type Organization

On October 27, 2006, Moscow’s Central House of Journalists hosted a second session of the permanent Roundtable “SCO: Toward a New-Type Organization,” convened upon the initiative of the Public Coordination Council (PCC) in support of SCO and with the information support of the Inforos News Agency.

The forum participants included leaders of Russian public associations, representatives from the government bodies of Russia and the Russia-Belarus Union State, diplomats from Iran, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, scientists, artists and profile media reporters.

The opening speech was made by Major General Leonid Shershnev (Rtd.), president of the National and International Security Foundation (NIMB), who spoke positively of the current integration processes within the SCO framework, and suggested that all the parties concerned to deal creatively with major issues which emerge while building s new-type organization. He also presented to the audience the special issue of the Security collected articles entirely devoted to the Shanghai Organization.

Dr. Alexander Starunsky, psychologist, PCC member and president of the ROO “InfoCivilization – XXI Century” public fund, then took the floor to report to the roundtable participants about the activity of the Public Coordination Council in support of SCO in March-October 2006.

According to him, during the period under review, the PCC promoted interaction between Russia’s public associations, national and foreign scientific centers and mass media, including information exchange and a systematic analytical work on the SCO issues.

The concept of a profile website on civilian society support of SCO, a joint effort of the “InfoCivilization – XXI Century” public fund and Inforos News Agency, received government support at the Federal Press and Mass Communications Agency (Rospechat) competition.

The special SCO-related issue of the Security, published in September by the NIMB Foundation and the PCC, with technical support of “InfoCivilization – XXI Century,” aroused much interest among experts, public activists and profile agencies within the SCO.

The profile website concept, InfoShos.Ru, was presented within the roundtable framework. Inforos Director Denis Tyurin, member of the PCC, expounded on the new media’s ideology, its goals, objectives, headings and work principles.

The ensuing discussion also involved the Counsellor to the Iranian Ambassador to Russia, Mr. Montazeran, vice president of the Reforms Foundation N. Ziyadullayev, member of the scientific council of the Public Institute of Ecological Expertise A.Epstein, High Technologies Development Fund expert S. Ustyugov and others.

On the whole, the roundtable participants approved the initiatives of the PCC, including the InfoShos.Ru website concept, the translation of the special SCO-related Security issue into English, and its projected translation into Chinese, and an organizational committee formed to set up an international non-government organization to support SCO. All these issues, and more, were covered in the Statement now published on the ROO “Information Civilization – XXI Century” public fund website.

The participants in the roundtable called upon all the agencies, associations and institutions concerned in the SCO member countries, to civilian societies, to scientists and business people of Russia and the “far” and “near” abroad to support the endeavors of the PCC, to actively participate in its activities and to discuss its topical issues on the InfoShos site, in the Security collected articles and other media.
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