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America Loses in War on Terrorism – Polls

Two polls of U.S. residents show that the war on terror is not quite a war, that America’s main enemy is Al Qaeda and that it is not succeeding in fighting this evil.

Almost 50% of Americans believe that the war on global terrorism the United States has been waging since September 2001 is really a war. As many as 40% believe that it is not a war, but rather a different kind of conflict. As many as 55% of respondents said that intervention in Iraq had made the U.S. more vulnerable to terrorist attacks, reported Washington ProFile.

Most Americans (75%) believe that their main enemy is Al Qaeda, while 63% named Afghan Talibs and 60% all Islamic terrorists no matter under what flag they act. 51% said the main adversary were insurgents in Iraq, 43% named the Iranian government, 38% the North Korean government and 29% the Syrian government. Six percent said that none of the given answers was true (respondents could choose several answers, and this is why the total sum exceeds 100%).

Americans were also asked to assess the probability of a certain terrorist scenario in the United States. As many as 82% said the most likely scenario was an explosion by a suicide bomber in a public place such as a shopping center. 70% said a gas attack was quite likely, while 69% named a biological attack, 67% an attack on a nuclear power plant and 48% the repetition of the September 11, 2001 attacks (captured planes run into a building). As many as 42% fear a nuclear explosion in a city (respondents could choose several variants). This poll was conducted by Harris Interactive.

Gallup has carried out a similar poll, which showed that only 29% of U.S. residents believe that Washington and its allies are winning in the war on terror (the lowest result since September 2001). As many as 20% said terrorists were winning.

About 65% of respondents consider the operation in Afghanistan part of the war on terror and 32% said it was a separate military operation. Opinions about Iraq are different: 53% are positive that it has nothing to do with the war on terror, while 43% think that it is part of the global antiterrorist campaign. As many as 44% of Americans fear that they or their relative may be victims of a terrorist attack; 40% believe that an attack may come within the next few weeks.
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