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Russia Ready for SCO Exercise

Russia is ready to welcome foreign military that will arrive in August to take part in the antiterrorist exercise of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Peace Mission 2007, to be held at a testing ground near Chebarkul, the Chelyabinsk region, General Vladimir Ivanov, Rear services Chief of the Russian Army, told RIA Novosti.

“Preparations for the exercise are almost complete,” he said. “All issues related to organization, accommodation of and catering to the participants have been settled.” There will be over 20 catering outlets during the exercise, he added. “A big and beautiful camp has been set at the scene of the exercise. The Russian party provides equipment, food and instructors,” he explained, adding that Chinese chefs would cook for Chinese military.

Places to meet military echelons that will accompany Chinese troops are ready, the general said. “We have also prepared aerodromes to receive Chinese aircraft and places for their deployment.” On Wednesday, July 25, a group of rear officers will arrive at the scene of the exercise to make final preparations, he said.
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