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US SecDef Visit to Iraq

As quoted to US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates who arrived to Iraq on December 5, the goal of stability and democracy in the country is “within reach”.

In Iraq, the Head of Pentagon met with Iraqi leaders and General David Petraeus , Commander-in-Chief of the US Forces in Iraq. It is already the sixth visit of the US Defense Secretary to this country this year.

Gates said that it is important to secure the success of last several months, as we see a decline in violence to levels not seen in last two years. "More than ever, I believe the goal of a secure and stable and democratic Iraq is within reach", Gates said at a press-conference in the securely protected “Green Zone” , BBC reports.

Meanwhile, according to Xinhua referring to the Iraqi police, a series of explosions in Iraq on December 5 killed at least 23 people and wounded 60 more. The explosions took place in Baghdad and three largest Iraqi cities – Baakuba, Kirkuk and Mosul.
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