Turkish Air Strike in Northern Iraq / News / News agency Inforos
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Turkish Air Strike in Northern Iraq

Turkish fighter bombers F-16 attacked bases of Kurdistan Labor Party combatants in Northern Iraq at night on weekend. The Turkish Ministry of Defense confirmed the air strikes and noted that the operation was conducted from 01:00 until 04:15 local time in Areas Zap, Ayasin and Hakurk, Utro.ru reported.

The air strikes were supported by the Turkish ground forces, in particular, by the heavy artillery of the Army. The guns fired at preset targets. According to the Turkish Defense Ministry, the operation against the Kurdish separatists in Northern Iraq will continue if it is required.

As quoted to the Turkish side, a central command center of the separatists was destroyed. Besides, a top-ranking official of the Kurdistan Labor Party was allegedly killed. The details of this information are pending.

In return, officials of Northern Iraq claim that at night about five hundred Turkish jets attacked ten Iraqi villages. They destroyed many peaceful structures including a school. Several local residents were killed and wounded.

The Government of Baghdad sent a note of protest to Ankara. The Iraqi Foreign Ministry note contains a demand to immediately cease the military operation in Northern Iraq.
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