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CIS Summit: Problem No.1 - Kosovo

An informal CIS Summit opened in Moscow. A key item of the agenda is the situation in the world associated with the events in the Republic of Serbia after unilateral declaration of independence by Kosovo.

It is well-known that many states of the Community face similar problems of the focal separatism. After unilateral declaration of independence by Serb Region Kosovo many nations may be allured into using the Balkan precedent.

In spite of the officially declared informal nature of the Summit, it is known that its schedule includes several bilateral meetings of the Russian President with the CIS heads of state.

Russian Leader Vladimir Putin is going to have talks with leaders of Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Moldavia and Kazakhstan.

In particular, at his meeting with Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili the Russian Leader will discuss not only the urgent Kosovo problem but also the prospects of Georgia membership in NATO, and will clarify the Russian stand with respect to this membership. Besides, according to Georgian Foreign Minister David Barkadze the parties will reach an agreement on restoration of the postal communication between the two countries, opening of ground border Check Point Verhni Lars, and restoration of direct air traffic.

As quoted to Barkadze, the parties have already agreed on “lifting restrictions from those categories of citizens who still fail to receive visas in the Russian Embassy in Tbilisi”. In the nearest future, experts of the two countries will start settling the problems associated with the return of the Georgian agricultural products to the Russian market.

Observers expect a progress at negotiations of Vladimir Putin with Victor Yuschenko scheduled at the Summit. This Tuesday, the Head of Ukraine claimed that Kiev is ready to expedite repayment of debts of 2007 to the Russian gas concern, and is not going to disclaim a sequence of settlements approved earlier.
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