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CIS Leaders Came to Bride-Show

CIS Leaders Came to Bride-Show
An informal CIS Summit was held last Friday in Moscow. According to experts, a key event of the Summit was presentation by Vladimir Putin of his successor, First Vice-Premier and main candidate at the presidential election Dmitry Medvedev, to the leaders of the CIS countries.

Addressing the summit participants Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed gratitude to the guests for the years of joint work. The Russian leader explained to the heads of state why he is going to support Dmitry Medvedev at the presidential election: “He was the man with whom we jointly elaborated all major decisions including those in the CIS sphere that we consider the most important in our foreign policy. Therefore I believe that we should not and will not have any revolutionary changes because Dmitry Medvedev is one of the authors of the Russian policy in this sphere”.

Vladimir Putin also touched upon the most urgent topic of these days: unilateral declaration of independence by Kosovo. As quoted to the Russian leader, recognition of Kosovo independence by certain states may entail a chain of unpredictable consequences. “The Kosovo precedent is an awful precedent. As a matter of fact, it breaks all system of international relations that was established not during the decades but during the centuries. And undoubtedly it may entail a chain of unpredictable consequences”, the Russian President noted. Mentioning the countries that have recognized Kosovo, Vladimir Putin emphasized that “they have not estimated the results of their move”.

In turn, Dmitry Medvedev informed the guests that “the Community was and remains a key Russian foreign policy priority”. In so doing, the key candidate for the president rated “the transport subject” among the most urgent items on the agenda of the Moscow Summit, and proposed to prepare “particular results” for the forthcoming Summit of 2008 in Beshkek.
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