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Russian Government to Deal with Military Transport Aviation

First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Sergui Ivanov claimed at the meeting of the Military Industrial Commission that the fleet of Russian military air transports became obsolete, and the majority of aircraft may be written off already by 2015.

"The fleet of air transports became heavily obsolete both physically and morally”, Ivanov said and added: “If we fail to take urgent measures for extension of their service life and resources, 90 per cent of military transports will be written off already by 2015”.

According to Ivanov, the problems of the domestic military transport aviation are associated first of all with the radical decrease in production of available aircraft lineup. Meanwhile, new models are developed very slowly.

For example, unique Antonov-124 “Ruslan” with a loadlifting capacity of up to 150 tons until now is the most popular aircraft in the world that carries more than a half of all heavy and large-size cargoes.

However, its commercial production was stopped as far back as 1995, whereas according to economists, the super heavy airlift market will increase by 2030 ten-fold up to seven billion Dollars.

At the same time, the Vice Premier noted also recent positive changes in this industry. According to him, the budget funds have been provided already for transfer of the Ilushin-76 drawings into digital format for subsequent production of this aircraft at the Voronezh and Ulyanovsk aircraft factories.

Besides, Russia and India reached an agreement on designing and production of a multi-purpose air transport (RIA Novosti reports).
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