Al-Qaeda Attacked US Embassy in Yemen / News / News agency Inforos
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Al-Qaeda Attacked US Embassy in Yemen

Al-Qaeda terrorist cell in Yemen “Yemen Soldiers Brigades” claimed responsibility for the mortar attach on a primary women school in Sana’a, newspaper “Ash Shark al-Ausat” reports.

The official information about the crime was posted on the Internet-site of the terrorists. That time, on March 18, 2008 a schoolgirl and Yemenite guard were killed and 15 children and 5 soldiers were wounded by explosions of five mortar shells.

The law enforcement agency of the Republic of Yemen claimed that an actual target of the attack was the US Embassy located next door to the school.

In their Internet statement the Yemen Soldiers Brigades say: “We are an Al-Qaeda cell, and warn Muslims of Yemen to abandon support of the Government in its efforts to be closer to foreign interests”.

In this February the leaders of this terrorist group claimed that they arranged the kidnapping and murder of Spanish and Belgium tourists.

In June 2007, eight Spanish citizens and two Yemenites were killed by a suicide bomber parked near the tourist buses in a town of Marib. Seven tourists were wounded. The foreign tourists were interested in the history of Sabaean Kingdom temple construction.

On January 18, 2008, two Belgium tourist girls and two Yemenites traveling to Valley of the Dauan to see UNESCO-protected monuments were kidnapped and murdered.
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