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Medvedev: Russia Returning to Global Political Scene and Economy

Medvedev: Russia Returning to Global Political Scene and Economy
The world mass media outlets are discussing the results of the first European visit of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. During his visit to Germany and after his talks with German Chancellor Angele Merkel the President of Russia claimed that Russia is a part of the European civilization and adherent to the principles of free market and openness.

According to the Russian leader, participation of Russia is solution of common European problems is inevitable; moreover Medvedev expressed his confidence that without Russia these problems will not be solved. Addressing the meeting of German politicians and businessmen in Berlin he said: “I am convinced Europe's problems will not be solved until it achieves an organic unity of all its historical parts, including Russia. By overthrowing the Soviet system and rejecting its restoration, Russia has laid a basis for forming a state compatible with the rest of Europe". In so doing, the Russian leader assured the German politicians that Russia “is back from almost hundred-year-long isolation and self-isolation” and actively returning to the global political scene and economy.

The President of Russia expressed his confidence that Russia is steadily taking its true position in the European family well-deserved by the country of the multicentury culture and traditions. According to Dmitry Medvedev, Russia is a part of the European civilization. “The Russian and European civilizations have common history and common humanitarian values that enable use to speak the same language”, the Russian leader said.

As for the problems of NATO expansion and US ABM system deployment in Europe that are rather painful to Russia, Medvedev urged to abandon the accelerated NATO eastward expansion and deployment of the American radars. Medvedev claimed in Germany: “I am sure that our relations with the Alliance will be just undermined, damaged for a long time. There will be no confrontation but the value of the matter will be high”.

Speaking about further long-term relations of Moscow with the European Union the President of Russia put forward an unexpected initiative to conclude an all-European security pact. “Our predecessors in the conditions of the Cold War managed to work out a Helsinki Final Act as a legal basis of the European order that has borne the test of time, why shouldn’t we go further, prepare and conclude a legally binding European security treaty. Today, when nobody wants a war in Europe, and when all of us have the experience of the XXth century, such arrangement has a fair chance for success”.

As quoted to Medvedev, this document “would clarify, finally, the meaning of the power factor in relations within the Euro-Atlantic community”, BBC reports.
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