Georgian and Russian Presidents to Meet in Moscow in Near Future / News / News agency Inforos
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Georgian and Russian Presidents to Meet in Moscow in Near Future

Georgian Ambassador to Russia Erosi Kirtzmarishvili said to journalists that the presidents of Georgia and Russia will have a meeting in Moscow in the nearest future.

Speaking about the St.-Petersburg meeting of the presidents Kirtzmarishvili claimed that “the meeting of Dmitry Medvedev and Mikhail Saakashvili was held in an acceptable and unaffected atmosphere”.

The Ambassador also pointed out that during the meeting with Medvedev the Georgian President laid out his vision for the problems, which in his opinion may ease the tension between the two countries.

As quoted to Kirtzmarishvili, “in order to proceed to serious talks it is necessary to remove all graters that cause serious problems”.

In particular, the Georgian diplomat mentioned the need “to cancel the decision of the Russian President of April 16 and withdraw those troops from the territory of Abkhazia that were brought there illegally without consent of the Georgian side”.

Kirtzmarishvili also said that in turn Dmitry Medvedev put forward a proposal to conduct a meeting of two presidents in a more prepared format. The Ambassador added: “The parties agreed with this proposal”.

Kirtzmarishvili emphasized: “The presidents of Georgia and Russia will meet in private. It is important that all graters would be removed, and it will be the first signal on Russia’s readiness to rapprochement”, News-Georgia reported.
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