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Good Beginning!

The Russian national football team won its first victory in Group D at EURO-2008. In the second round of this Group our football players were better than the actual European champion, the Greek team. The game ended 1:0 in favor of the Guus Hiddink’s squad. Konstantin Zyryanov from Pretersburg Zenit scored the first and only goal in the game.

After the victorious game Dutchman Guus Hiddink, Head Coach of the Russian National Football Team, did not hide his happiness with the first victory of his guys at the Championship and efforts applied to reach it. According to many observers, the Russian team managed to forget the better defeat from the Spanish team, recover and demonstrate a really high-quality and combinational football and extraordinary will-to-win spirit.

Let us recall the situation in our Group. After the second round in Group D the Spain team after two victories and respectively with 6 points already entered the quarter-finals. The Greek team with two defeats lost even theoretical chances to continue. The second candidate for quarter-finals will be determined in the game between Russia and Sweden. After two rounds both teams have 3 points each. Unfortunately, the Swedish team will be satisfied with the draw while Russia has no other option but to win.

A decisive game for quarterfinals will be played in the Innsbruck Stadium on June 18.
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