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France to Be More Active in Resolution of ME Conflict

Addressing the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) in Jerusalem On June 23, 2008, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said: “France is interested in more active participation in Middle East reconciliation”.

The Head of France also expressed readiness to facilitate involvement of the European Union in this process, and provide support to Israel in establishment of lasting and fair peaceful relations with Palestine, Syria and Lebanon. He claimed that “the Arab side of the conflict should recognize the right of Israel to exist and live securely”.

At the same time Sarkozy pointed out that Tel Aviv should also recognize the right of the Palestinians to create their own independent state. To conduct talks with them Israel should first of all to dismantle its settlement on the west bank of the Jordan River, terminate construction of Jewish residential quarters in the Arab part of Jerusalem and agree to recognize this city a common capital of Israel and Palestine.

According to him, France welcomes contacts between Israel and Syria through mediation of Turkey, and could provide for “a meeting in an expanded format in Paris in case of a progress in the indirect Israeli-Syrian consultations, improvement of the human rights situation in Syria and opening by Damascus of its Embassy in Beirut”.

According to Israeli political observers Sarcozy discussed with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert a problem of Israeli troop withdrawal from occupied agricultural area Shebaa in South Lebanon however the details of the discussion are unknown.

As far as it is allegedly known from the Elysee Palace, The French President is going to make personal efforts in the nearest future to approach the International Criminal Court (Hague) to find out the details of investigation of late Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri assassination.
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