Explosion in Uzbek Town Kagan: Heavy Casualties / News / News agency Inforos
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Explosion in Uzbek Town Kagan: Heavy Casualties

Yesterday night at about 23:00 a fire started in the territory of a helicopter unit in Uzbek town Kagan, 12 km from Bukhara. Militaries tried to extinguish the fire by their own means, however they failed. The fire run to an ordinance depot used to store artillery shells since the war in Afghanistan. At about 02:00 the shells started exploding.

According to available data, the explosions killed and wounded many people, but exact number of casualties is still unknown. The helicopter unit, railway station and more than 20 private housed have been completely smashed. All survivors in the town have been evacuated. According to local residents, certain houses were looted at night.

The Defense Ministry of Uzbekistan acknowledged that “a spontaneous ignition took place in one of depots resulting in a fire and explosion in the ordinance depot. Military personnel have been sent to the site timely to set cordons. According to militaries, the fire was localized at about 04:00”. Web Site Yтро.ru.
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