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Russian Navy to Psychologically Support Our Fishermen

According to a press-release issued by the Russian Navy Information and PR Service, Russian warships resumed their presence in the area of Spitsbergen.

"The Russian Navy Northern Fleet warships resumed their presence in the Arctic waters including around the island of Spitsbergen. Currently this area is patrolled by large ASW ship Severomorsk, and from July 17 it will be joined by missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov”, the press-release reads.

In spite of Russia’s protests Norway proclaimed a 200-mile area around the archipelago of Spitsbergen its exclusive economic zone and hampers in the work of Russian fishermen there. Admiral Vladimir Visotsky, Commander-in-Chief, Russian Navy, promised psychological support to Russian fishermen by the presence of the warships around Spitsbergen during the commercial fishing period.

According to the Navy’s press-release, all operations of the Russian warships are conducted in strict compliance with the international law, including the 1982 UN Convention of the Law of the Sea.

Spitsbergen is an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean and extreme northern part of Norway. It has a special status: the economic activities in the archipelago are conducted both Norway and Russia, which has its settlement of Baretsburg in Western Spitsbergen.
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