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Russia to Delimit Border with China

Today Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is coming to Beijing on a two-day visit. He will conduct negotiations with his Chinese colleague Yang Jiechi, and will have meetings with Chinese Chairman Hu Jintao and Premier of the Chinese State Council Wen Jiabao. The parties will discuss a broad agenda relating to bilateral cooperation and joint efforts in solution of international problems.

An important event within the framework of the Russian Foreign Minister visit will be signing of a Protocol describing the Russian-Chinese border in its Eastern section. This Protocol will draw a line under the border delineation, which was negotiated during more than 40 years, and complete legal implementation of our common border.

According to the RF MFA Press Service, “entry of the respective documents into force will give additional impetus to development of neighborly relationship between Russia and China and first of all diversified cooperation between border areas of the two countries”.
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