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Israeli Mass Media: Georgia’s Actions Adventurist

Israeli newspaper Ma'ariv reported that the United States is urgently airlifting weapons and ammunitions, which should have been used by the American troops in Iraq, from Jordan to Georgia. In so doing, the White House claims that it is not going to provide military assistance to Georgia.

According to the newspaper, as from last Friday four American air lifters of UTI Worldwide INC daily fly from Akaba, a transshipment point for arms delivery to Iraq, to Tbilisi.

Ma'ariv points out that Georgia actively accumulates weapons in case of Russian invasion.

Meanwhile Yediot Ahronot reports referring to Georgian Minister for Reintegration Timur Yakobashvili that the Georgian troops that attacked Tzhinval have been trained by Israeli ZAHAL military instructors.

The newspaper also quotes to a ZAHAL high-ranking retired officer who was stationed in Georgia. He said that the actions of the Georgian leaders who deliberately escalated relationship with Russia, were adventurist. reports quoting to the officer: “Georgia is a small country with an army similar to that of the developing countries. They do not have strategic vision, and every day they have surprises”.
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