Union of Georgians in Russia Condemns Regime of Saakashvili / News / News agency Inforos
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Union of Georgians in Russia Condemns Regime of Saakashvili

The Union of Georgians in Russia in its Address promulgated at roundtable conference War in South Ossetia Seen with Eyes of Georgians in Russia held in News Agency RIA Novosti, expressed its condolences to the Ossetians and Georgians in connection with the recent developments in the zone of Georgian-Ossetian conflict and condemned the policy of the Tbilisi rulers.

"Georgians in Russia express deep condolences to all family members and relatives, to all Ossetian and Georgian people on the death of peaceful people in South Ossetia, Georgia and on the death of peacekeepers stationed there”, the Address signed by President of the Union Mikhail Khubutia reads. The text of the Address was pronounced at the roundtable.

The document says: "We understand the righteous anger in the soul of each honest man and grieve deeply together with you for the killed people. We damn the Georgian leaders who were the most scoundrely and guileful to mount the strike of the lethal weapons on the sleeping city of Tzhinval".

"Early the Georgian public associated light hopes for development of democracy with this man… But we got him wrong. His nice words just concealed the plans of "small Fuhrer" who made Georgia into the aggressor who today annihilates the Ossetian and Georgian peoples having drawn them into the fratricidal war", the Address of the Unions of Georgians reads. "If earlier we cherished hopes that we will be able to convince the fraternal Ossetia and Abkhazia peoples to live in one state, now we clearly understand that it is impossible".

Meanwhile, the document expresses a hope that "the time is a great healer, and the nations of Georgia, Ossetia, Abkhazia and Russia will build their life as good neighbors, that the rulers like Saakashvili will disappear, and we will live as it was earlier in brotherhood, confidence and love".
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