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Medvedev: Russia Will Continue to Be Reckoned with

An RF State Council meeting was held on Saturday on the situation around South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Its participants unanimously expressed their support to the actions of the state leadership and discussed national security issues. In the light of the recent events, it was decided to strengthen the national security, elaborate proactive steps to defend the RF citizens against a possible recurrence of the aggression, and to this end develop the national economy and armed forces.

In his opening address RF President Dmitry Medvedev claimed that South Ossetia and Abkhazia as independent states should set an example in the establishment of civil peace, national capabilities and national harmony, as well as adherence to democratic principles.

He confirmed that Russia will help South Ossetia to rebuild what was destroyed by the Georgian aggression. “I think that all of the regions here will be able to provide South Ossetia and Abkhazia with fraternal support and practical assistance, primarily, of course, in rebuilding their infrastructure”, he said.

According to Dmitry Medvedev, the events in South Ossetia also demonstrated that Russia will not allow anyone to compromise the lives and dignity of its citizens, Russia is a nation, which will continue to be reckoned with.

He assured that any political pressure on Russia will not be effective. "They are trying to put political pressure on us. We, of course, are used to such situations", Medvedev said.

Russia stopped a military aggression, defended its legitimate interests, and these decisive steps were supported by the millions of people abroad who praised them as well. “Despite the fact that many countries have chosen to shy away from condemning the Georgian regime, the voice of those who accepted our arguments, our fundamental position, and praised our actions, has been and remains very important to us”, the President said.

"Once again I repeat that we did not need this war, it was imposed on us”, Medvedev added.

Speaking on the results of the RF State Council meeting, Governor of the Moscow Region Boris Gromov pointed out that the Council discussed the national security in its military, food and industrial aspects, and problems of internal development of our country. Besides, the emphasis was made on proactive steps to defend the national interests and interests of Russian citizens in any place the world over.

Let us recall that the State Council is an advisory body at the Head of State, which consists of the heads of Federation Subjects. It helps the President to provide for coordinated functioning of all authorities and their cooperation.
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