Medvedev: No Pressure on Russia from Outside Can Turn Us from Our Strategic Course / News / News agency Inforos
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Medvedev: No Pressure on Russia from Outside Can Turn Us from Our Strategic Course

The President of Russia made a speech at a meeting with representatives of public organizations held today on September 19 in the Kremlin.

Speaking on the problems relating to the political settlement of the Russian-Georgian conflict, the Russian leader claimed:"No new external circumstances and even less any pressure on Russia from outside can turn us from our strategic course of building a free, progressive and democratic state and society. Russia is being pushed towards autonomous development behind an iron curtain. But the Russian Federation has made its choice, and is going to develop its open market”.

In his speech Dmitry Medvedev repeatedly emphasized that Russia will not let anybody to push it from the set course towards development of democracy and cooperation down to the self-isolating and authoritarian policy. The Russian Head of State said: “Issues are constantly broached (in the West) now that finally Russia will show its true face, the authorities have thrown aside their masks and Russia will revert to its typical authoritarian regime leaning towards dictatorship, the hawks have won, and no further proof is needed”. “We realize what motivates this talk. In effect, we are being pushed towards a development road based not on full, normal, and civilized cooperation with other countries but on autonomous development behind high walls, behind an iron curtain. I want to make it clear that this is not our road. We have no interest in returning to the past. We have made our choice, no matter what the words of those who interpret these events (in South Ossetia) as suits them best”, Medvedev emphasized.

In his speech the President of the Russian Federation also blamed NATO for provoking the conflict in South Ossetia. At the same time, the aggression unleashed by Tbilisi against the people of South Ossetia had no effect on the stability of Russia, and did not spark xenophobia or interethnic strife, This shows that Russian democracy is developing and is capable of defending itself.

Speaking on the today’s political world order, the President said that "the current security system has broken down”. "If this is the case, humanity has two options: either act without rules based on the idea that a small number of countries with big military power will dictate the rules, though this is a bad option, or try to build a modern new base for international cooperation”, Dmitry Medvedev believes. "My European colleagues have said in private talks with me that there is no need to worry, for NATO will take care of everything and make all the decisions. But what has NATO decided, what has NATO taken care of? All it has done is provoke a conflict”, the Russian leader claimed. In so doing, Medvedev stressed that now "the idea of drafting a pan-European security treaty has become even more relevant after the events in the Caucasus”.

The Russian President also paid attention to the world financial crisis. In so doing, Medvedev offered to the USA and key players of the world economy to agree upon procedures for cushioning the consequences of the mortgage credit crisis in the USA. "We know that when a crisis happens, a big crisis, the depression that affects the United States today, all market economies face problems. This is what the main economic players should be working on”, Medvedev said and added: “Perhaps if we had been able to agree on some common rules in the crisis situation the consequences of the depression on the American stock and financial markets would have been a lot less severe”.
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