Ukraine Lacks Money to Buy Ticket to NATO / News / News agency Inforos
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Ukraine Lacks Money to Buy Ticket to NATO

The Ukrainian authorities in fact failed “an information- awareness campaign devoted to NATO”, which implied propaganda events in 23 cities.

According to Ukrainian press, the failure of the propaganda campaign is caused by the lack of funds provided to this end from the state budget. The amount of 480 thousand Grivnas (about $95 thousand) appropriated by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, was not interesting to PR-agencies. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry understands it itself that this money was not enough for such a campaign.

As a result, both biddings to select a PR-company to advertise NATO have failed. At the last one nobody just sent its bid.

Ukrainian media outlets stress an ambiguous outcome of other NATO propaganda campaigns in Ukraine too. Only one third of 10 million Grivnas appropriated from the state budget for this purpose (about two million Dollars) has been provided yet.

State institutions often have to spend their own money on NATO advertising. In so doing, Ukrainian press emphasizes a very low effect of such propaganda events and actions.

"I as a consumer do not feel absolutely that the program works”, Stepan Kurpil, a member of the Euro-integration Committee in the Verkhovna Rada, said.
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