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Russian Army to Receive New UAV

Colonel-General Vladimir Popovkin, Deputy Defense Minister of Russia and Mater-General of the Ordinance, said that the Russian armed forces successfully tested and accepted for service a new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system.

This new aerial reconnaissance and artillery spotter vehicle to be made available for the troops in the nearest future is a small plane radar-undetectable and capable of reaching any target and even mounting artillery strikes.

"We have tested and accepted for service an UAV to conduct reconnaissance and direct artillery systems including MLRS, and adjust artillery fire”, the General said.

Vladimir Popovkin also pointed out that the Defense Ministry is making adjustments in the state defense order in two directions: “On the one hand, we take into consideration the experience of the peace enforcement operation in Georgia. On the other hand, we take into consideration the results archived last year. We have R&D that may be accelerated due to already made stock”.

Let us recall that the use of UAVs to direct and adjust the artillery fire and rocket and bomb attacks is more efficient that the use of special teams that illuminate targets with LASER target designators and transmit their coordinates. The team may fall into an ambush or find itself in an area of radio silence. Meanwhile the UAV especially a high-speed and stealth one will fulfill the task 100 per cent successfully.
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