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CIS Heads of Government Approved Community Development Strategy

A meeting of heads of government of the Community of Independent States was held in Kishinev on November 14. During the talks the parties approved a CIS development strategy up to 2020. The heads of government focused on the world financial crisis and made a decision to overcome its consequences jointly.

The Community Development Strategy up to 2020 contains assessments both of the CIS role in the world economic system, and of the economic situation in the Community itself. It determines goals, tasks and stages of the economic development, as well as key spheres of economic cooperation. The document includes a package of 33 agreements on various subjects: from the currency exchange regulation and development of transport infrastructure to establishment of telemedicine centers.

The next summit of the heads of government is scheduled for May 209 in the capital of Kazakhstan.

During the Summit Prime Minister Vladimir Putin had a number of important meetings including with Ukrainian Premier Julia Timoshenko and President of Moldavia Vladimir Voronin.

During the bilateral meeting with the Ukrainian Premier, Vladimir Putin discussed problems of bilateral cooperation in the conditions of financial crisis and touched upon the gas subject.

"The year is about to end. All of us live in rather complicated conditions caused by the world financial and already economic crisis Many our enterprises in the proper sense of the word depend on each other. The depth and degree of their cooperation is very big. And of course in the today’s conditions we need to coordinate our actions. We have subjects to talk about,” said the Russian Premier.

"Each of us has brought own recipes out of this meeting how to cope with the world financial crisis in the territory of his/her country. Your experience of work with the banking system and real sector is very interesting. I think that we in Ukraine will apply this experience by any means”, said Julia Timoshenko.

Speaking about the gas subject Julia Timoshenko claimed: “It would be very good if we were in position to sign our strategic agreements on gas supply to Ukraine before the end of November. I believe that our parties today are ready to prepare all necessary documents and volumes by this date”.

"A representative of Gazprom yesterday told me that the dialogue with the Ukrainian partners is in progress. Naturally there are lots of difficulties. But I agree with you that on a corporate level we may reach mutually accepted agreements”, confirmed Putin.

At the meeting with the President and Premier of Moldavia the parties discussed a wide spectrum of bilateral cooperation subjects. A special focus was made on the trade-economic and humanitarian cooperation.

Vladimir Putin noted positive trends in the relations between Russia and Moldavia, which in his opinion open a good prospect for consolidation of long-term strategic partnership.

"There are respective proposals, and we need to provide for their efficient implementation. I am referring to trade, investments and development of regional ties”, explained the Premier.

As a result Russia and Moldavia signed several important documents on energy supply, agriculture, investments, communications, banking system, transport and humanitarian issues.

A major part of the meeting between Putin and Voronin was in private.
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