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Putin: Russian Will Not Abandon Its Strategic Development Plans

The Xth Congress of the United Russia Party opened in Moscow. For the first time, the Congress is chaired by its leader, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Besides, the forum will be attended by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

More than 600 delegates and 1500 guests take part in the Congress. 18 political parties of Europe, Asia and America sent their delegations; and more than 50 foreign parties sent their congratulations. The work of the forum will be highlighted by more than 800 Russian and foreign journalists.

At the very beginning, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev addressed the delegates. In his opening address he said that United Russia should be involved in the work to overcome the consequences of the world financial crisis. Medvedev emphasized that due to the influence of the party the State Duma promptly adoptis all essential laws and ensures the stable and constructive work of legislative assemblies at all levels, and unites the delegates and Russian society to resolve national problems.

The President promised that state will fulfill its social obligations to citizens. “I am also counting on your active support for the government cabinet of the Russian Federation… Our common task is not only to preserve the living standards that our citizens have achieved, but also to ensure conditions for further growth”, he said. For the full text of the address, please, refer to The official web side of the United Russia Party.

Main report “Strategy-2020” was delivered by Russian Prime Minister and Party Chairman Vladimir Putin.

The head of government claimed that United Russia supports the political and social initiatives made by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

"Our party supports proposals made by Dmitry Medvedev aimed at improvement of our political system, struggle against corruption, creation of a human resource reserve and development of the social assets”, said Putin. He pointed out that a step-by-step action plan named Key Directions of Government Activity up to 2012, has been approved in order to fulfill the first stage of the Russian development strategy up to 2020. “And obviously we should implement the initiatives aired in the address of the President of the Russian Federation”, he said.

Speaking about the world financial crisis Vladimir Putin emphasized that Russia is not going to abandon its strategic development plans despite the world crisis.

"Relying on the accumulated potential we can and must come out of the global instability stronger and more competitive, using the crisis for improvement of our competitiveness”, he said.

The Russian Prime Minister said that the Government will do its utmost to prevent inflation upsurge.

"We have accumulated significant financial reserves. They will provide freedom of maneuver to us, and enable us to maintain the macroeconomic stability and therefore prevent inflation upsurge or abrupt change in the Ruble exchange rate. To this end we will engage the entire set of available means”, Putin said.

Vladimir Putin assured that “problems of the past, collapse of the past will never reoccur, and we will avoid economic shocks of 1991 and 1998 and protect bank savings of our citizens”. “We will be prudent in our monetary policy , we will support a predictable exchange rate of the national currency and successively combat the inflation”, assured the Premier.

"Salaries of public sector employees, pensions, allowance. Everything will be paid in full and in time while the system of social guarantees will function without failures”, Putin pointed out.

Vladimir Putin claimed that it is necessary to support a real sector of the national economy. In this connection he proposed to take measures to support the regions.

"I proposed to the Ministry of Finance to take measures to support our regions: to let them pay profit tax from the actual profit at the beginning of the year. In this case the business will not have to credit the state, and the regions – return the received money”, the head of government said.

Vladimir Putin said that by late 2009 the amount of a social pension should not be less than pensioner’s subsistence minimum.

"By late 2009, the amount of an average social pension should not be less than pensioner’s subsistence minimum, and in 2010 the amount of an average work pension should be increased 1.5-fold versus 2008”, he claimed.

Speaking about the housing problems the Russian head of government said that the Government is going to provide additional 83 billion Rubles to buy out more than 40,000 standard flats for militaries and residents of hazardous dwelling.

"These flats will be used to solve housing problems of militaries and residents of hazardous dwelling. Secondly, there will be guarantees that the houses, which construction has been commenced already, will be finally built, that means that the people who invested their money in this construction will get their flats”, added the Party Chairman.
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