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Series of Books on Russian Identity to Be Published

A novel of Timofey Krouglov titled “Guilty in Defense of Motherland, or the Russian” will be published shortly. It is the first book of the series to be issued by the Russian Émigré Research Institute.

The book is a fiction devoted to the fate of 25 million Russians who found themselves abroad after the collapse of the USSR. The life and fate of a main character from the date of his birth in a frontier station in Turkmenia until present are in the focus of the novel.

Key events of the book take place in the time of “perestroika” and devoted to the severe political struggle in Latvia on the eve of the USSR collapse - the standoff of the International Front of the Latvian SSR and People’s Front of Latvia, actions of the famous Riga Militia Special Force Detachment, mass protest rallies, barricades, political intrigues, conflict of intelligence services and of course the love, passionate and tragic, against the background of the geopolitical catastrophe, collapse of the accustomed style of life and Motherland…

Sergey Panteleyev, Director of the Russian Émigré Research Institute, says that “the novel of Timofey Kruglov returns an image of the positive Hero to the contemporary literature, for whom words “Motherland”, “Oath”, “Faith” and “Fealty” are not just sounds but values, which worth living, fighting and dying for. This unexpected and shocking book breaks the evil post-modernist literary tradition of “playing” with values, returns the civil mission to the Russian literature, the mission of generating the Citizen”.

The Russian Émigré Research Institute also is about to issue a book titled “Russian Identity in Post-Soviet Area”, which is to include articles written on the basis of expect roundtable “Modern Russian Identity in Russia and Abroad”, and articles of information and analytical website Russia and Compatriots.
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