Government Defense Oder for 2009-2011 Amounts to 4 trillion Rubles / News / News agency Inforos
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Government Defense Oder for 2009-2011 Amounts to 4 trillion Rubles

Vladislav Putilin, Deputy Head of the Military-Industrial Commission, claimed that the Russian Government approved a defense order for three years. According to preliminary data it amounts to 4 trillion Rubles (about 142 billion Dollars).

Putilin said that the amount of funding within the framework of the Russian government defense order permanently increased annually by 30 per cent at an average.

In particular within the framework of the defense order the Government is planning to purchase more than 30 missiles Iskander, 48 combat aircraft, 6 UAVs, more than 60 helicopters, 14 ships, 300 tanks and 52,000 transport vehicles.

According to Putilin, it will make it possible “to provide 100 per cent of the Armed Forces with modern military equipment”.

Decisions on purchase of raw materials and supplies within the framework of the government defense order for 2009-2011 will be taken in May 2009 for all three years. In so doing, it is expected that centralized purchases will enable the Government to avoid subsidies to defense enterprises of this sector.

"Already within the framework of this defense order we are going in May 2009 to prepare a general order for raw material and supplies, which are needed for fulfillment of the entire defense order, and purchase these raw materials and supplies centrally”, said Putilin.
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