UN Security Council Terminated Mandate of Coalition Force in Iraq / News / News agency Inforos
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UN Security Council Terminated Mandate of Coalition Force in Iraq

The UN Security Council complied with the request of the Iraqi government and officially terminated the mandate of the coalition force in this country as from December 31, 2008. The decision was made unanimously.

In October 2008, the Iraqi parliament ratified an agreement with the USA, which stipulates extension of the American force presence in this country until late 2001. Currently the total strength of the US contingent is about 160 thousand troops and about 200 thousand logistics and support men.

US President Elect Barack Obama repeatedly told to American electors that he intends to successively decrease the American troops in Iraq as from January 2009 and increase the American presence in Afghanistan.

As of the day of its formation in 2003, the international coalition force in Iraq included contingents of 39 states. The US troops were the core of the coalition. By the end of this year a majority of foreign troops has already left Iraq. The British contingent in this country is the second in strength (more than 4,000 troops). Pursuant to the agreement with the government of Al Maliki Great Britain will completely withdraw its troops from Iraq by mid 2009 in order to reinforce its continent in Afghanistan.
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