Russia AF C-in-C: We Start Developing Helicopter of Fifth Generation / News / News agency Inforos
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Russia AF C-in-C: We Start Developing Helicopter of Fifth Generation

Alexander Zelenin, Commander –in-Chief of the Russian Air Force Russia is developing a helicopter of the fifth generation.

"We are developing a helicopter of generation 5. The Russian Defense Industry has solved all problems relating to serial production of helicopters Mi-28N and Ka-52 for the Armed Forces. Now we are developing the fifth generation”, said the Commander on Friday.

According to the Commander –in-Chief of the Russian Air Force the Industry has to solve the problems similar to those relating to creation of a fixed-wing aircraft of the fifth generation.

Let us recall that earlier the Mi-28N Night Hunter with conceptually new on-board electronics was considered a helicopter of a new generation.

On Friday, following the successful trails the State Commission recommended to commission the Mi-28N helicopter in the Russian Armed Forces, and start its serial production. Mi-28N will be manufactured at the Rostov Factory.

The Night Hunter is designed for round-the-clock combat operations including killing of ground, sea and aerial targets, mine lying and fire support of ground troops. .

The helicopter has IR and TV Imagers, Laser Range Finder, Satellite and Earth-Physical-Field Navigators.

In addition to a gun the Night Hunter is armed with anti-tank missiles, AA missiles, bombs and other weapons. Its maximum combat load is 2,300 kg.
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