Ukrainian Mercenaries Were Recruited by US Citizen / News / News agency Inforos
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Ukrainian Mercenaries Were Recruited by US Citizen

First Deputy Ukrainian Minister of Interior Vladimir Bedrikovski claimed that Ukrainian militiamen detained a criminal group that recruited Ukrainian citizens for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The criminal group was led by a US citizen born in 1971 who worked in the territory of Ukraine as a representative of a South-African company.

Besides, a citizen of Iran born in 1965, citizen of Great Britain born in 1956 and woman-citizen of Ukraine born in 1988 were also detained in the office of the company. During the search militiamen found 8 passports and 80 work sheets of recruited Ukrainian citizens.

During a special operation in Kiev Airport Borispol 12 people departing to Afghanistan were detained by the security agents. All detained persons are former militiamen and militaries.

Investigators established that it was not the first team traveling under criminal recruitment contracts to flashpoints. In June 2008, the criminal group sent 8 Ukrainians to Afghanistan under the pretence of employment assistance.

Let us recall that the day before Alexander Bastrikin, Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian General Prosecutor’s Office, claimed that he has evidence that Georgia used recruited mercenaries from the USA, Ukraine, Turkey and Czech Republic in the August armed conflict in South Ossetia

"Today we have got irrefutable evidence that combatants of Ukrainian nationalist organization UNA-UNSO were involved in these events”, said Bastrikin.

According to the Chairman of the Investigative Committee this fact is confirmed with private belongings, photo pictures, field uniform, note books of the combatants, as well as the routine order dated June 27, 2008 issued by the Georgian Ministry of Interior settling small-arms on the commander of the UNA-UNSO unit.
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