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Chairman of RF Council of Federation Speaks at Asian-Pacific Forum

Chairman of the Russian Council of Federation Sergey Mironov devoted his speech at the 17th Session of the Asian-Pacific Parliamentary Forum to the world financial crisis.

The Chairman of the Russian Upper House said that the Session is conducted in rather complicated conditions, which confirm a new level of interdependency of all countries and regions of the globe. Mironov referred to the world financial and economic crisis as an example of negative trends in the development of the world civilization.

"We need to take into account that a number of security threats still exists in the Asian Pacific Region. I mean unresolved regional conflicts, mutual territorial claims and border disputes, risk of nuclear proliferation, terror, separatism, religious extremism, sea robbery , etc.” said the Chairman of the RF Council of Federation.

Mironov emphasized that evidently only due to joint efforts of all states the crisis could be overcome and most acute problems of the global and regional development could be settled.

In so doing, the Speaker of the Russian Parliament Upper House advised his foreign colleagues on anti-recessionary measures taken by the Russian Federation. “The Parliament of Russia promptly approved a package of anti-recessionary laws aimed at the support of the Russian banking system liquidity and expansion of economy real sector crediting capabilities as well as support of the population”. According to Mironov, the scope of the efforts taken by Russia is comparable today with the scope of measures taken by other states. The Chairman of the Council of Federation said that the Russian government canalized about 10 per cent of the national GDP to the anti-recessionary efforts.

Besides, the Speaker of the Russian Parliament Upper House stressed that it is necessary to improve coordination of anti-corruption efforts. “A conspiracy of criminal structures and corrupted state servants in any country promotes impunity and financial exploitation of the legal economy, and thus aggravates the recessionary processes”, said Mironov.

At the end of his speech, Mironov claimed that the Asian Pacific Region has tremendous capabilities to overcome the current negative trends in the financial and economic sphere. In his opinion, they include not only the richest economic resources of the region but also its cultural and civilization diversity and huge human resources.
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