Putin: Ukraine Violates Reached Agreements / News / News agency Inforos
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Putin: Ukraine Violates Reached Agreements

According to the Press-Service of the RF Government, today Russian Premier Vladimir Putin said by telephone to European Commission Chairman Jose Manuel Barroso that Ukraine does not let the transit gas intended for Europe into its gas transport system.

"The Chairman of the Government advised the European Commission Chairman that the Russian transit gas, which supply has been partially resumed, cannot enter the Ukrainian gas transport system, because it is closed”, said the Press-Service.

In so doing, Barroso expressed his intention to discuss this problem with the Ukrainian leadership.

The telephone conversation was initiated by the Russian side.

Let us recall that on Tuesday morning Russia resumed gas transit to Europe via Ukraine, which was forcedly suspended on January 7 because of unauthorized gas pumping-out by the Ukrainian side. Europe still does not receive the Russian gas.
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