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Dmitry Medvedev: Russia will overcome crisis consequences

The President of Russia answered questions on measures to overcome the financial crisis.

The head of the state has noticed that in spite of all difficulties the economic situation in Russia "are clear and under control"

"Our financial and economic situation is stable. We are making certain changes to the budget. Yes, this is a difficult budget, a budget in which we had to run a deficit. But using the mechanisms available also in the Reserve Fund we should be able to cover all our spending, including social spending, this year and next year and get through the most difficult part of the financial crisis", - Dmitry Medvedev said.

Dmitry Medvedev said that the government is going to help "not only the public sector, not only public enterprises, but also private enterprises that are trying to survive in this difficult climate and to keep their losses to a minimum. This does not mean that assistance is being provided to the owners. The shareholders have to sort this out for themselves. We are talking about support for the companies themselves, support for the enterprises themselves".

Mr. President promised that these funds will go to those for whom it is intended: "that is why the state exists - in order to keep track of what money goes where. There are always those who want to get their hands on this kind of money. But in the current situation I am confident that we have created a proper system of controls".

The President of Russian Federation is assured that Russia overcome crisis consequences.

"We’ll get over it, we’ll deal with it, everything will be okay". "It’s simply a shame that a number of opportunities that have opened up must now be put off, not for tomorrow but the day after that", - Dmitry Medvedev said. -"We need to work hard; we need everyone in their respective roles to assume their responsibilities. And to do so in good faith, honestly, not avoiding things – then everything will work out". Dmitry Medvededv's Television Interview .
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