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Nikolai Patrushev: Project of Russia’s New Military Doctrine is Ready

Nikolai Patrushev, Russian Security Council Secretary said that a project of Russia’s new military doctrine is ready and it has been already discussed in the course of visiting meetings in all federal districts.

“The project is ready. It has been already discussed in the course of visiting meetings in all federal districts. Heads of regions have made very sensible suggestions, we are studying and considering,” he said, reminding that in the modern Russia’s history it will be already the third version of a doctrine.

Founders of the edition of 1993 acted on the premise that military conflicts were ruled out. The version of 2000 says that the doctrine has defensive orientation. According to Nikolai Patrushev “the sands are running out.”

“Subsequent developments in the world showed that military conflicts are possible, and even large-scale ones,” said Patrushev in his recent interview with the Rossiiskaya Gazeta newspaper, noting that in the new document new military dangers are reflected such as struggle for fuel and energy and other resources with the assistance of Armed Forces, NATO expansion, weapons of mass destruction proliferation, particularly nuclear weapon, international terrorism.

“First of all, I would note that unlike previous ones it has undergone structural changes. The project consists of an introductory clause and three chapters. The introductory clause explains the main notions and terms used in the document.

In the first chapter “Military dangers and military threats” external and internal military dangers and possible military threats are formulated, nature of military conflicts, our country may be involved, is reflected too. At the same time during the hostilities the use of new military assets is specificated - precision-guided weapon, weapons based on new physical principles, pilotless and autonomous maritime vehicles, biocybernetic and other systems.

In the second chapter “Military policy of the Russian Federation” it is defined that Russia considers prevention and deterrence of any military conflicts as its primary task. Furthermore, the main approaches to this task solution are formulated. At the same time it is emphasized that Russia considers it rightful to use troops for repulse the acts of aggression against it and its allies, maintenance or restoration of peace by the decision of the United Nations Security Council, other structures of collective security. Regulations concerning the use of Armed forces and other troops are also stated here, major tasks in times of peace and war are formulated.

The third chapter “Defences military-economic and military-technical provision” determines the improvement of the military-industrial complex as a priority direction. Equipping the Armed Forces and other troops with up-to-date armaments, military and special equipment is material basis of their combat capabilities. Full functioning of enterprises and organizations of military-industrial complex will not only permit to solve defence tasks, but will also perform a serious social function, allowing to improve living standards of the population, above all in Russian regions,” said Security Council Secretary.

The doctrine introduces new subdivisions on the issues of defence planning and equipping the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and other troops with arms and military hardware. Regulations are specified on nuclear weapon employment by Russia when repulsing acts of aggression with the use of conventional weapon

“In whole the military doctrine project’s regulations on nuclear weapon problems are formulated in the spirit of maintenance of Russia’s status of nuclear power, able to make nuclear deterrence of potential enemies from aggression against it and its allies. Allowance is made for nuclear weapon employment depending on the situation and intentions of potential enemy. In an emergency for national security nuclear strike on the aggressor is not ruled out, particularly the preventive one. Certainly, we are strongly against solving any conflicts by military means, not to speak of nuclear weapon employment capability. Russia has been always a reasonable and reliable partner in the sphere of disarmament and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons,” said Nikolai Patrushev.
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