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How Much is the Victory Today?

In revision of the results of the Second World War, there is a clear desire to deprive the Russians of victory. Moreover, according to the chief editor of the Internet portal Pavel Danilin, “the Russians are required for an absolute repentance.” This logic was accepted by the Western powers, the Baltic countries, Ukraine and Georgia. Their credo: “Russians must pay and repent”.

The requirement to review results in the post-Soviet space is the most clearly manifested in the Baltic States. The annual celebration in honor of the “forest brothers” veterans in Lithuania and SS veterans in Estonia was fixed in a token refusal of Valdas Adamkus and Arnold Rüütel to attend the 60th Anniversary of Victory in Moscow.

In the Estonian city of Pärnu a monument to legionnaires of Estonia's Waffen-SS division was unveiled, interpreted by the Estonian authorities as the monument to “fighters for independence of Estonia in the Second World War.” It is planned to establish a similar monument in Tallinn too. Recently in Estonia ceremonies of SS-men reburial were held, as well as awarding of orders to those, who resisted in arms to the forces of the anti-Hitlerite coalition. So the “war against monuments” is just the logical culmination of the strategy of review of the results of the Second World War in this country.

On the territory of Ukraine the review of the events of the Second World War does not unite the Ukrainian ethnos, as it happens with the peoples of the Baltic States under anti-Russian slogans, but divides it. The Ukrainian processes differ significantly from attempts to reconcile the “red” and “white”. Canonization of Stepan Bandera is accompanied by reformatting the image of Russia as the main enemy of Ukraine. And the idea of Ukraine's entry into NATO is increasingly taking features of a symbolic revenge of the forces, which fought on the side of Nazi Germany.

Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko signed a decree “On the comprehensive study and objective coverage of the Ukrainian liberation movement and promoting national reconciliation.” According to the document, the OUN-UIA veterans are recognized as combatant during the Second World War and will receive equal rights along with the veterans of the Soviet Army.

This document caused indignation not only in Ukraine. The people who may have been victims of these units are still alive. The Ukrainian Insurgent Army “came together with fascism and actually supported this regime, participated in counterinsurgency operations, annihilated civilians,” said the deputy of the House of Representatives of the Belarusian parliament, Igor Karpenko.

Events in Estonia are not just a “trap” for the leaders of the European Union, of which they will not get out without losses. Support of Estonia at any cost will mean de facto the rehabilitation of fascism. Moreover, the destructive processes will be launched therefore in Germany. Citizens of this country purposefully educated that the years of Hitler's government were the worst and most shameful time in German history, will constantly receive signals from the EU countries that all these years they had been just deceived. Indeed, why Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians may celebrate the SS-men and Germany may not?

Thus, the peripheral region of Europe relatively the traditional centers of influence, the Baltic countries, the attitude towards which has been traditionally condescending, unexpectedly played the role of a trigger that started the irreversible global process of revising the results of the Second World War

In Warsaw one likes to talk about the need for Russia to “repent” of Stalinism. But it was Stalin who insisted on the transfer of traditionally German lands of Silesia, Pomerania and East Prussia to Poland. They say about the “European values” in Bucharest, Bratislava, and even in Belgrade. But it was just the Soviet Union that insisted on the transfer of a number of Hungarian lands to them.

For Russia, the revision of the results of the Second World War is, first of all, making victims of our nation meaningless. On the eve of the 65th anniversary of the Great Victory, this issue has acquired a special political significance.

Should Russia repent before the Eastern Europe for having won World War II? Of course not. The results of the Second World War are not subject to revision. This is the official decision of the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg in 1946 that defined the perpetrators of the unleashing of the Second World War and the annihilation of entire nations.
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