The Monument to Soviet-Polish Military Brotherhood May Be Destroyed / News / News agency Inforos
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The Monument to Soviet-Polish Military Brotherhood May Be Destroyed

In Warsaw, once again the fate of the monument to Soviet-Polish military brotherhood, standing on the central square of Prague city district, hangs in the balance. This monument is notable for the fact that it was the first to be erected in Warsaw liberated from the Nazis after the Second World War - its opening took place on September 18, 1945.

Right-wing members of the Warsaw City Council came out many times for the destruction of the monument, but each time the local community made a stand for it.

In 2007, when the fate of the monument hung by a thread once again, it was rescued from destruction by the sculptor Stefan Momot, who proved that this monument is an architectural and historical value.

The fact is that in the autumn of this year the second underground line in Warsaw will be constructed in the Wilno square.

The Warsaw city executive board is trying to find a new location for the monument. One of the options is to move it to a square close to the Mary Magdalene Orthodox Cathedral, where there is free space. Another option is to push the monument deep into the nearby park.

These options, however, do not satisfy the members of Kaczynski brothers' Law and Justice Party in the City Council, which require destroying the monument.

The final decision on the fate of the monument is pending. It should be noted that the monument to Soviet-Polish military brotherhood is one of the most interesting monuments of Warsaw. At the opening, the figures of warriors crowning the monument were made from plaster, covered with bronze sealing paint. Figures in metal took their places only in 1947. And they were cast at that of fragments of the fascist military equipment brought from the liberated Berlin. There is an inscription in Polish and Russian on the socle of the monument: “Glory to the heroes of the Soviet Army, companions in arms who gave up their lives for freedom and independence of the Polish people”.
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