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Russian-Indian Cooperation in Nuclear Energy

"Russia's participation in the development of nuclear energy in India is very important," - the head of the Department of Atomic Energy of India Shrikumar Banerjee said on the eve of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's visit to New Delhi. Speaking of Russia-India agreement on peaceful uses of atomic energy, which was initialed in December 2009, Banerjee pointed out the advantages over the Indo-American counterpart: Recycling of the spent nuclear fuel at the facility, which will be under IAEA control; a wider format of the India-Russia agreement includes not only nuclear power plant construction, but also the establishment of joint factories for the production of fuel elements; the opportunity for extensive atomic energy research.

"India is a strategic partner of Russia in the South Asian region, the history of cooperation between two countries totals several decades, - the senior expert of the "Energy and Finance Institute" Fund Sergey Kondratiev reminded. India is practically the only country Russia has never had any serious differences with in both political and economic spheres in the history of bilateral relations.

In recent years, the cooperation between two countries in atomic energy field actively developed. India has one of the most ambitious nuclear power development programs until 2030 in the world. Its necessity is dictated by environmental restrictions and the need to ensure national energy security as well.

Russia actively behaves on the world market with its competitive technologies in nuclear energy. AtomStroyExport, part of the state corporation Rosatom, implementing projects of nuclear power plants abroad, has the unique experience of building modern nuclear power plants. Among the five foreign construction projects based on Russia's projects is the first stage of nuclear power plant Kudankulam (Tamil Nadu).

"Russia remains one of the leading players on the Indian market, - Sergey Kondratiev said. - This is confirmed by the expected signing of an agreement on construction of the additional units at Kudankulam nuclear power station with the participation of AtomStroyExport, as well as other agreements".
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