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Saakashvili Has a Direct Bearing on the Scandalous TV Reportage

Saakashvili Has a Direct Bearing on the Scandalous TV Reportage
The scandal associated with the provocative TV program of Georgian Imedi TV station, received an unexpected continuation. There appeared on the internet an audio recording of a telephone conversation between Director General of the Georgian Imedi TV Company Giorgi Arveladze and his deputy Eka Tsamalashvili on the eve of airing the TV spot.

As follows from the recordings, the plan of the scandalous video had been personally approved by the President Mikhail Saakashvili, who insisted that viewers could not understand until the last moment that all the shown was an imitation. “Yesterday, Misha talked to me ... He said he let it come out as the normal chronicle. I agreed, but suggested that in advance in the talk this is what that we have studied and constructed, that as such it is a simulation and all that… He said: “Oh, no! If we did that all the gusto would be lost,” the man says, whose voice sounds like the one of the General Director of Imedi.

“Arveladze” also asked his assistant to summarize the TV spot by a reasoning that all the shown may happen due to the fault of Georgia's opposition leaders, who had recently begun to conduct an active dialogue with Russia. At the same time, “Giorgi Arveladze” noted the need to emphasize in the report that "these people are not popular, that they do not express the will of the people."

Let us recall that Georgia's Imedi TV channel on March 13, within the Chronicle program showed a series of simulated news blocks reporting on the attack on Tskhinvali, after which Russia's troops launched a ground incursion into Georgia. Later it was reported that the President of Georgia was killed, and the opposition created a “People's Government” headed by the former Parliament Speaker Nino Burjanadze. At the end of the program the journalists explained that all the shown was a pretence, just a “possible scenario”.
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