A Militant Group Destroyed in the Chechen Republic / News / News agency Inforos
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A Militant Group Destroyed in the Chechen Republic

On March 17 in woodland near the village of Haji-Yurt (Pervomayske) of Vedeno district reconnaissance discovered a militant group. According to operational data, their number was up to 20 people. This is a group of representatives of al-Qaida, Muhannad and Yasir. The uncovered group of militants offered armed resistance, and during the fighting four of them were killed.

The identity of one of the slain gunmen was established. This is Ismail Kutsaev. Also at the site of the conflict there were found documents in the name of Shamil Saltahanov. There is every reason to believe that they belong to one of the bandits killed.

It is likely that among the fighters there are wounded, including seriously wounded, as evidenced by the bloodstains on the militants’ escape route.

Currently, the area where militants were found, is blocked. All information about the course of the operation is systematically reported to the President of the CR R.Kadyrov.
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