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The US State Department is Mastering Twitter

Washington intends to expand its presence in the most popular social networking world

The US State Department is Mastering Twitter
As reported by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in her speech “The Internet, the pros and cons: a choice and challenges in the world connected by the global network” at George Washington University, the U.S. Department of State intends to expand its presence in the most popular social networking world. In particular, in the course of this year on Twitter, alongside with the existing blogs of the U.S. Foreign Service in Farsi, Arabic, French and Spanish, pages will appear in Russian, Chinese and Hindi.

Furthermore, the head of the State Department Hillary Clinton believes that this “will allow a full real-time communication with the people in those countries where authorities do not block access to Twitter.” Moreover, according to U.S. Secretary of State, in the current situation it is necessary to reconsider the basic human rights - freedom of speech, assembly and association - through their online incarnation, combining all of them under the term ‘freedom of interconnections”. And as Mrs. Clinton said, “the U.S.A. is protecting this freedom for people everywhere and encouraging all other countries to the same.”

Scientific progress has brought the Internet with its powerful capabilities to consolidate all social strata and universal audience in the stead of various ‘Voices of Freedom’ on the radio that the authorities were struggling by means of ‘jammers’. The State Department is confident that Facebook and Twitter give people the opportunity to express themselves, and no one can turn back the clock.” In this regard, by the way, the PRC, Cuba, Iran, Myanmar, Syria and Vietnam have deserved a separate portion of criticism by U.S. Secretary of State because their governments still “exercise Internet censorship”.

"We believe that governments that are building barriers to Internet freedom, whether technical filters, censorship access modes or attacks on those who exercise their rights to freedom of opinion and freedom of assembly on-line, are locking themselves in a cage,” said Hillary Clinton.

The head of the State Department said that Barack Obama's administration is doing everything possible to help civil activists to technically correctly oppose the ‘Internet repressions’, especially in the countries where the civil rights and freedoms must be fought for. And Washington is willing to allocate US$ 25 million for this purpose, which is 5 million more than it was originally planned.

At the same time, the State Department makes no secret of the fact that social networks have played a huge role in organizing protests in Egypt and Tunisia, however, the role of the U.S. Foreign Service itself in this case is slurred over.

In addition, inside the State Department itself, as Mrs. Clinton said, a new Office for the Coordination of Cyber Issues will soon be created, which will be headed by Christopher Painter, a former White House Internet Communications expert. And most of the focus will be on the ideological superiority of the State Department on the fastest growing internet site of Twitter microblogs.

Many experts have already hastened to qualify Clinton’s speech that had been prepared for a long time, as a special State Department's reaction to the recent events in Tunisia and Egypt, and as an attempt to comprehend the new realities brought by the Internet into the sphere of traditional political technologies frequently used by the White House to eliminate modes disliked by Washington and to induct controlled presidents and governments.
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