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The Russian ‘Technical Assistance’ to Transnistria

The Russian ‘Technical Assistance’ to Transnistria
On August 30, Transnistria has received the first tranche of technical assistance from Russia. The first 100 million rubles as part of the stipulated 300 million came in the unrecognized republic.

It was key news after the first after the summer recess meeting of the Renewal (Obnovleniye) deputy faction. The Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of Dniester Moldavian Republic, Anatoly Kaminsky reported the news in his statement.

He reminded that cash assets will be disbursed as loans to small businesses, agricultural sector, the peasant farmers and owners of farmlands and household plots.

The Chairman of the Supreme Soviet drew attention of the deputies to the fact that financial resources should find their receivers in a relatively short time. “Receipt of next tranches of Russian money in the future will depend on how this assistance will be distributed, how effectively it will be used by credit receivers,” said Anatoly Kaminsky. According to A.Kaminsky, this is a feasible program, the Supreme Soviet has undertaken to implement, and it must be implemented.
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