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A. Kaminsky: The Independence of Transnistria Begins with People’s Welfare

Chairman of the Supreme Council of Transnistria is interviewed with the InfoRos News Agency

A. Kaminsky: The Independence of Transnistria Begins with People’s Welfare
In an interview with the InfoRos News Agency Chairman of the Supreme Council of Transdniestrian Moldovan Republic (TMR), Anatoly Kaminsky talked about current events in the political life of Tiraspol, revealed some evidence of relations with Russia, and also gave a comment on a number of issues in international politics.

- A question that worries everyone first of all before the presidential election to You as a presidential candidate - what is Your attitude to a decision on the status of Transnistria?

- You know, today in Transnistria there is hardly a single person who can solve in no time this almost 20-year-old problem. However, by results of a national referendum held in 2006 in TMR, Transdniestrian citizens’ desire for self-determination within the borders of an independent state was clearly stated. No one can dispute and refute this fact, the more so political forces of Transnistria, whether legislative or executive powers designed to serve their people on their behalf and for the welfare thereof.

The independence of Transnistria is now the main goal for our state and any politician in positions of responsibility will progress this goal. But on the way to this goal there are still many smaller yet significant tasks. Before speaking about the independence of TMR, it is necessary to raise it from the knees and revive. Before tackling global challenges it is necessary first to create conditions for a full-fledge, secure, if you like, satiated, independent living for our citizens.

I’m talking about the revival of our agriculture and creation of conditions for economic development. In our country the agricultural sector has always been very well developed, our fertile land in the Soviet era was able to feed a good part of the Soviet Union, and today we are forced to buy products from Asia, Africa and Latin America. There is a reasonable question: why?

To tell you the truth, in many monologues about our desire for independence, we forget the most important thing - substantive actions in its direction. With arms in hand in 1992 at the cost of many lives we defended our right to live in our home country and speak our native language. Now we need wise decisions, rational actions, reforms and changes to show ourselves and the world community our ability to live independently.

As Chairman of the Supreme Council of Transnistria, I consider my primary task to make it possible to establish statehood through the formation of TMR inside. To move toward prosperity, welfare and wellbeing of Transnistria, all the more so we have everything required for this.

- Could You tell us what kind of relationship with the Russian leadership have you established as Chairman of the SC of TMR?

- Frankly speaking, I do not have any direct contacts with the leadership of the Russian Federation. There are close and friendly relations with the leadership of the United Russia party, with the party’s political council, with whose help we solve many problems. We cooperate under the inter-party agreement between the Obnovlenie Party of the Supreme Council of Transnistria and the United Russia. Interstate relations follow from our friendly inter-party relations and are evident in provision of technical and humanitarian assistance for the development of various socio-cultural projects that are worked out here in Transnistrian Moldovan Republic.

Of 500 thousand population of TMR over 150 are citizens of the Russian Federation. If you do not call the status of our relations ‘interstate’, then, at least these are relationship between nationals.

- How do you see the position of the Russian peacekeeping contingent in Transnistria in the coming years?

- We do not see today any other possibility than that providing peace on the Dniester today... Until there is recognition of Transnistrian Moldovan Republic, we do not just have to, we must do everything to keep this form of safeguarding of peace with the participation of Russian peacekeeping forces.

- Work with the Transnistrian youth in Russia: is it possible today to speak about creating a Transnistrian community in Moscow. If yes, what issues will it address?

- For today a lot has already been done. Three organizing meetings were held to establish a Transnistrian community and on November 5, according to plans we will formalize this base. The purpose of creating this community is quite versatile. First of all, our citizens living in Russia are themselves extremely interested in creating a community of Transnistria. A large number of citizens of Transnistria who occupy positions of responsibility, even in government institutions of the Russian Federation, in educational and health care systems want and are willing to contribute to the formation of the Transnistrian statehood, social and cultural development of Transnistria.

- As far as is known, with Your direct participation Russia has provided financial assistance to Transnistria. Please tell us in which areas it is planned to use these tools.

- We received the first technical assistance amounting to 214 million Russian rubles in 2008 through the Supreme Council, and directed it to the development of agro-industrial sector. More than 40 agricultural enterprises have received these funds in the form of technical credits of 2% per annum up to seven years with the view of refinancing the funds to agriculture. During this time, 82 million have already returned and were again directed to the development of other enterprises of this sector.

Out of the allocated funds we could purchase additional agricultural machinery and equipment, introduce new technology, plant more than 76 hectares of new orchards and vineyards, grub out nearly 2,000 hectares of perennial plants of 11,500 we have here in the republic. In addition, we receive funds as supplements for our retirees. These are also funds that may be, or are already used for supplementary feeding in specialized health care and education facilities.

This year we are also receiving 300 million Russian rubles, we are directing to develop small and medium-sized businesses: peasant farms and plots of land, for the development of farms.

Russia’s help is invaluable for us; without what we get from our nationals in the Russian Federation, many processes in TMR would be simply frozen.
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