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Moldova’s Double Standards

Romanian border guard wounded a citizen of Moldova, who refused to follow the instructions of the customs officer and pass the customs

Moldova’s Double Standards
At the border-crossing point Giurgiulesti-Galati on January 15, a Romanian border guard wounded a citizen of Moldova, who refused to follow the instructions of the customs officer and pass the customs.

The customs officers invited the 23-year-old native of Cahul to arrive for inspection of the vehicle in a special box. But he decided not to do it, turned the car and drove back towards Moldova. The Romanian border guard fired in the direction of the vehicle, as a result of which the Moldovan was wounded but managed to get to the Moldovan check point. There he was given first aid, the wounded was hospitalized.

In fact the situation of two weeks ago almost repeated, when on January 1, at the post of Joint Peacekeeping Forces the Russian military fatally shot a drunken resident of the nearby Moldovan village of Parata. The violator, driving a car not belonging to him without a license, repeatedly attacked the tripartite peacekeeping post and did not fulfill the peacemakers’ requirements.

Then, the incident served as a pretext for Kishinev submitting claims to change the peacekeeping operation format and to deport the Russian Ambassador from Moldova. And the residents of nearby villages, the citizens of Moldova for two weeks every day continued to attack the peacekeeping post.

Following the Moldovan logic, the official Kishinev was to have deported the ambassador of Romania from Moldova, as well as demanded from Bucharest to disarm and withdraw the Romanian borders from Romania. The residents of nearby villages, inspired by help of the western countries, were to have swept away barriers and traffic signs at the Giurgiulesti-Galati border check point, and called the Romanian border guards murderers.

However, the Moldovan official authorities did not visit on this occasion the US and UK embassies and did not receive any instructions of the need to organize protest actions or rallies. On the contrary - Moldova has not even sent to Romania any MFA’s note with the requirements to at least clarify the situation.

There seems to come out a kind of double standard policy towards Russia and its peacekeepers. But we have already got accustomed to this.
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