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Nazarbayev Proposed to Create a Eurasian Police

Nazarbayev Proposed to Create a Eurasian Police
The President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev with the view of fighting against organized crime has put forward an initiative to create Euraspol on the model of Interpol in the Common Economic Space.

“For strengthening the fight against transnational organized crime in the CES I think the question is ripe for creation of Euraspol – a Eurasian police on the model of Interpol,” said Nazarbayev, speaking today at a joint session of Houses of Parliament with a message to the nation. As reported by the Novosti-Kazakhstan News Agency, the president has instructed the government to “develop and submit appropriate proposals to our CES partners.”

Nazarbayev’s initiative was commented on by Maulen Ashimbayev, chairman of International Affairs, Defense and Security Commission of the Parliament’s Mazhilis. “The proposal is very interesting; we will study this experience in the framework of our Foreign Affairs, Defence and Security Committee. We, I think, will get in touch with our colleagues, deputies from other EurAsEC countries, perhaps, will hold some general round-tables, discuss,” he said.

According to the deputy, if one of the tasks of Kazakhstan is to develop close relations with the EurAsEC countries and to establish solid business contacts, it is entirely possible that there are certain elements of transnational crime between the states. “Along with economic development, the development of political relations, of course, it is necessary to deepen cooperation in combating crime, corruption. And I think that this structure should be oriented to these problems. This problem has been set by Head of State,” said the mazhilisman.

The CES comprises Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.
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