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Nazarbayev: Color Revolutions in the CIS are Doomed to Failure

Nazarbayev: Color Revolutions in the CIS are Doomed to Failure

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In consequence of the color revolutions, Ukraine’s economy has lost its leading position; Georgia began to live on credit and at interest, which prejudices the future success of these countries. In Kyrgyzstan there is a permanent revolution, and this does not improve people’s lives. It was declared by the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev in an interview with TV channel Russia-24.

Responding to a question about the risks of recurrence or continuation of the color revolutions in former Soviet Union, Nursultan Nazarbayev noted that some attempt was observed after the presidential election in Russia, but the color revolutions, their initial wave, have lost their force because the population of post-Soviet countries began to “sober up”.

“In Kyrgyzstan there is a permanent revolution but it does not improve people’s lives. Ukraine is a big country - 50 million people, three times more than in Kazakhstan; the economy is much more powerful. But today the economies capacity of Kazakhstan and Ukraine has become equal, and it is surprising! One could not think of it formerly. So the development of the economy has been lost for the last 5-7-10 years due to stagnation,” said head of state.

As regards the country in which the Rose Revolution took place, the Kazakh leader expressed doubts about its cloudless prospects. “I do not know what is now happening in Georgia, but I do not think that because they are closed from all of us, better things are happening there. The country can not always live on credit. It is necessary to make the economy self-sufficient, and for this it is necessary to trade, especially with neighbors. The best trade is trade with neighbors - near distance, less transportation costs, similar economies,” said Nazarbayev.

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