Russian Fans: The Riots in Warsaw were Provoked by the Poles / News / News agency Inforos
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Russian Fans: The Riots in Warsaw were Provoked by the Poles

Russian Fans: The Riots in Warsaw were Provoked by the Poles

Disorders on June 12 during the Russian football fans’ march to the National Stadium in Warsaw on the day of match of the European football championship between Russia and Poland were provoked by the Poles. This was said by the released from prison Russian fans, who were arrested during the fans’ clashes.

“We were merely defending ourselves,” they added. “We often travel around to other countries for football, but there were no such conflicts, as in Poland. The Poles did not hide their aggression,” said one of the released from arrest.

The fan said that a month before the tournament starts, tensions in the Internet had been constantly growing. And on the agreed with the local authorities march they met the Russian fans with Russophobic posters and slogans. According to the Russian, the march in Warsaw was attended by many officials, families with children, simply fans. No one had any weapons, only Russian flags and banners.

The fan also told about how the arrest procedure took place.. He said when handcuffs were put on him and some other Russians and they were thrown into a police car, law enforcement officers, asking whether they like in Warsaw, sprayed tear gas into the car and closed the door. “They just made a gas chamber,” the narrators stressed. In a pre-trial detention center they were kept in double wards, in which the conditions they said were the most primitive. The fans learned results of the Euro 2012 matches on the radio.

The fans released from prison thanked the Russian Embassy in Poland and the Consular Section in Warsaw, who provided them with all necessary assistance and counsel, as well as hotel. Three more Russians are still in custody in Poland. They were sentenced to imprisonment for a term of 2 to 3 months. On July 10, the District Court in Warsaw will consider their appeal.

The clashes between fans took place in Warsaw before and after the Poland - Russia match (1:1). At the end of riots, police detained about 200 people, of whom 25 were citizens of Russia, and the overwhelming majority were Poles. Some of them already went to prison for participating in riots.

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