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A Georgian Athlete has Run Away from the Olympics

Член олимпийской сборной Грузии по дзюдо Беткил Шуквани

Betkil Shukvani, a member of the Georgian Olympic team in judo, left London for fear of physical violence by Gia Udesiani, the Deputy Minister of Sport of Georgia.

According to the Georgian athlete who sympathizes with the opposition, from day one of his stay at the Olympics the heads of delegations exerted moral pressure on him. In particular, the sports minister publicly insulted him with obscene words for his political opinion.

"I am a supporter of the opposition coalition. And even before the performances at the Olympics in London, he said that in case of winning he will dedicate his medal to the Georgian opposition," said Shukvani at a press conference.

Recall that Bidzina Ivanishvili's political coalition "Georgia Dream" has also accused the Georgian authorities of putting pressure on one of his supporters.

At the Olympics, Betkil Shukvani won the first round, but in the second he suffered a defeat and had to take off his tracksuit .

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