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The Moment of Truth or the Information Confrontation Principles

Today it is very easy to get lost in the information flow coming from Syria...


Today it is very easy to get lost in the information flow coming from Syria. On the one hand, we are told about an assault on the country's largest city of Aleppo by the government forces (meanwhile, the Western media are busy proclaiming numerous victims of the "freedom-loving civilian population"), on the other hand, about the fact that the Syrian Prime Minister Riyad Hijab has resigned (and very nearly ran away to the West and even joined the opposition). All this happens against the background of regular meetings of the so-called "Friends of Syria" and endless films, reports and even books that denounce the regime of Bashar al-Assad. And along with it also Russia and China that in every possible way interfere with the establishment in Syria of "democracy" that will inevitably lead to the prosperity of the country.

The most amazing thing in this whole story is that it is hardly surprising. I am sure that in the further, too, the information coming from the Middle East will be equally controversial because there is another stage of the information war there waged by the Western countries. And also, it should be noted that in contrast to the Libyan scenario where the role of Muammar al-Qaddafi's main opponents was openly played by the West countries (France, Italy, the UK and the USA), in Syria, the West has a formal supervisory position, and the Arab countries have moved to the front of the scene being long ago 100% pro-American. Thus, NATO's major powers have solved the main task: they have created in a typical (and therefore mass) Western person an illusion that in Syria there is no overthrow of the regime disliked by the West, but allegedly the Syrian people's fight for their rights and against the "demonic" government.

What is most interesting is that the same typical Western citizen will believe in all this. And will believe sincerely at that. Why? Because in the West the information wars technologies have been developed for decades. I have repeatedly said and wrote that, according to the "information superiority" concept as defined in the act on the U.S. Armed Forces development strategy "Joint Vision 2020", the advantage in the information field is a key factor in the successful warfare. It is exactly this "advantage" that was clearly demonstrated in Tunisia, Egypt, and the above-mentioned Libya. Now there is a struggle in Syria, and in turn, of course, is Iran! Why is all this done? The answer is simple: The American way of life, the so-called "Western-style democracy" is imposed on the Arab world in every possible way (at present this is the first stage of the operation). Firstly, these countries become the U.S. and NATO allies, which means that any issues - especially economic, will be resolved in favor of Western powers. But even all this pales before the main task: the territorial integrity destruction of Russia and China, the most powerful geopolitical opponents of the U.S. After all, majority of states of the Middle East and Persian Gulf are Muslim, and it is no secret what kind of problems we once had in the Muslim North Caucasus, and the Chinese - with the Muslim minority in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Based on the foregoing, the Russian and Chinese governments' stand on the situation in Syria seems absolutely logical. If you will, for us it is now the moment of truth. If we do not want a significant impact on our own image in the international community and do not want to jeopardize the national security of the country, we must do everything to ensure that the regime in Syria does not fall. At least, by force of arms.

That is why Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov say it time and again - the Syrian problems should be solved peaceably at the negotiating table and not through weapons and interference into internal affairs if the sovereign country. But I suspect that at this time, all our attempts to defend our interests in the world seem to put it mildly, unworkable. I will once again repeat the list of possible threats that may arise during the implementation by the Americans of their strategy "Joint Vision 2020".

Imposing economic sanctions against Russia on the basis of its charge of supplying arms to the countries reckoned by the United States among "the rogue states" (Syria, Iran, the DPRK and Belarus). Imposing political decisions advantageous mainly for the U.S. to the leadership of several European countries (for example, the need for participation in the aggression against Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and who knows, maybe in the future against us. Substantiation of ways and terms of the Russian Federation possible disintegration into autonomous territorial entities with increased autonomy of a number of entities and regions of Russia (the Kaliningrad region, North Caucasus, the Volga region, Siberia, the Far East, etc.).

And finally, the increased formation of the world public opinion about Russia's unconstructive position in a territorial dispute with Japan over the issue of the Southern Kuril Islands. As well as the spread of misinformation about reducing the role of Russia in the international arena as a country not predictable in foreign policy matters and dependent in solving internal economic problems as well as individual and society security ones; the world community disorientation about the ability of the CIS countries leadership to solve political and economic problems without close cooperation with the U.S..

Unattractive picture, isn't it? Even so the main problem is that we do not have, do not develop such plans and, at the best, we work "as the case may be", i.e. we are trying to respond to the happened events. And this, as practice shows, is not enough. I am therefore convinced that the Russian government must urgently establish an effective system of counter-terrorism, including the information terrorism, and develop a political arrangement of security assurance provided by the state for the system of public opinion formation. In other words, we need to indemnify ourselves inside the country and become attractive and competitive in the world arena. It is not just a whim - the security and even the existence of our country are at stake.

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