The Gagauz autonomy may secede from Moldova / News / News agency Inforos
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The Gagauz autonomy may secede from Moldova

Autonomy, exercise the right to self-determination if the government of the republic did not work presekut supporters of unification with Romania

The Gagauz autonomy may secede from Moldova

Governor of Gagauzia Mikhail Formuzal commenting on marches of the supporters if unification with Romania, which have been held in recent years in cities of the republic, said that the autonomous territorial entity in the south of Moldova has the right to self-determination up to secession if the government of the Republic does not suppress the activities of supporters of unification with Romania.

The head of Autonomy and also the leader of the Party of Regions, has repeatedly spoken in favor of granting the Russian language the status of the second state language in Moldova, and urged the authorities to refuse the line for EU membership and focus on internal modernization.

Speaking at a congress of the United Gagauzia public movement the leader of the autonomy said: "I do not understand why the Moldovan politicians are ashamed of their statehood, why they permit these marches and not condemn them? Why are the organizers not brought to trial? Do they want termination of Moldova? Then they have to know that in this case, Gagauzia has the right to external self-determination!"

Mikhail Formuzal conveyed outrage over the plans of the Actiunea-2012 NGO (Act 2012) to conduct on September 16, the next march of "unionists" in Chisinau.

Please note that earlier, such actions were held in Cahul and Balti and ended with conflicts between supporters and opponents of unification with Romania.

On August 5, in the third largest city of Moldova, Kishinev, the unionists' march was frustrated by local residents and representatives of leftist parties, advocating the strengthening of Moldovan statehood. The riots were attended by about 4 thousand people. Three criminal investigations were launched into this fact.

Unionists' marches are organized by the Action 2012 public association with the aid of supporters of the National Liberal Party, which is the only Moldovan party that openly tries to achieve Moldova's unification with Romania.

Recall that Gagauzia is an autonomous territorial entity in the south of Moldova, created from the settlements, in which more than 50 per cent of inhabitants are Gagauz, as well from those where most residents according to the results of referendums voluntarily agreed to be part of the autonomy. Gagauzia's autonomous status is detailed in the Constitution of Moldova, and in the Law On the Special Legal Status of Gagauzia (Gagauz Eri), which, in particular, allows it the external self-determination in case the status of the republic itself changes.

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