Vladimir Putin: Only the weak cranes did not fly after me / News / News agency Inforos
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Vladimir Putin: Only the weak cranes did not fly after me

Vladimir Putin: Only the weak cranes did not fly after me

Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on his flight with white cranes, responding to political comparisons of the opposition.

"Indeed, not all have flown, he said at a press conference following the APEC Summit. - Only the weak cranes did not fly. And then, on the first try. On the second they all flew."

However, "it is a leader, a pilot to blame that not all the cranes flew because he was too quick to gain speed and height," the head of state admitted. "But from time to time, I mean bad weather and a strong cross wind, the pilot has to gain height and speed quickly, otherwise the system can overturn," said the president.

"Of course, there are birds that do not fly in flock and build their nests separately. Well, what to do? That is another problem. But they are members of our population however, and they must be treated carefully," he said, adding: "if possible".

Putin has also suggested the bloggers who discuss his flight with white cranes, to try to do it themselves. "Let's face it, just fly yourselves," he said.

On September 5, Putin participated in the experiment to save the white cranes. Steering a motorized hang glider that birds took for their leader, the president made three flights - the first familiarization, and two others - with birds. In such a way, the wintering routes are showed to birds. A flight of the head of state has caused a strong reaction among the Internet users.

Bloggers have compared Putin's flight with white cranes to the outcome of the presidential elections. "63 per cent of the cranes flew after Putin. The other preferred to fly to the South, and only a small part remained to nest in the squares," Ksenia Sobchak wrote in her blog.

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